Website Design and Mobile Use

Hope-Hummus-Tablet-Mobile-Responsive-1024x664As mobile devices are being used more and more often for tasks that could once only be accomplished on a desktop computer, one thing has become blindingly clear: the mobile world is taking over surfing the internet. To be honest, it is not simply surfing either. Everything from shopping online to checking email and participating on social networks is now being done on a variety of mobile devices.

Because internet usage on mobile devices is steadily increasing, it is more important than ever that your website design is one that is mobile friendly. Typically, this concern is not a major one. You can have a website design that is meant for users of desktops as well as one that is meant for mobile users. The question is this: is it possible for a design that will function equally well for both mobile and desktop users?

The answer to this question is yes. This type of website design is known as responsive design.

What Exactly is Responsive Design?

Responsive design typically refers to a website that has been built in such a way that all of its content as well as the images and even the structure of the website stays the same regardless of the type of device that it is used on. In other words, when a user visits the site from a desktop computer they will get the entire view of the site. When users access this same site from a tablet, laptop or smartphone the site will remain the same with the site just being made a bit smaller in order to fit the smaller screen size.

To put it another way, you will not need to worry about the necessity of having a variety of sites for the various devices or even need to make sure that the site will function as it should on mobile devices.

Staying Ahead of Your Competition

It is no secret that when it comes to the world of business, it is important to stay ahead of your competition. That means that if more users are turning to using mobile devices to make purchases or search the internet, you must be able to cater to your target demographic by having a website that is mobile friendly. In fact, studies show that a whopping 85% of adults are of the belief that a website design for a mobile site has to be at least as good as the website design for a desktop site.

If that isn’t convincing enough, try this. Companies that redesign their website to one that is responsive have seen mobile conversion rates that have tripled in no time at all! The number of site users has been seen to double in many cases. Staying ahead of the competition by having a website design that stands out can make all the difference in the world.

The chances are good that your competition isn’t using a responsive design yet. This means that they are missing out on opportunities that you can capitalize on.

Kathryn McDowell recommends keeping up to date on the changing way consumers use the internet. Mobile usage is growing and has outpaced PC usage for doing almost everything on the internet. You need a website design that is responsive to today’s users needs.


Content First, and Mobile First: How To Factor Them Into Responsive or Adaptive Web Design

If your enterprise is considering Responsive Web Design (RWD) or Adaptive Web Design (AWD), it is important to understand that the decision process does not end with RWD and AWD. To successfully design, develop, configure, integrate and implement a flexible web design, the business must also consider the questions related to ‘Content First’ and ‘Mobile First’.

‘Content First’ and ‘Mobile First’ methodologies are designed to put the emphasis on content prioritization, and to ensure that important information reaches the users, no matter what device they are using. These methodologies are often part of a responsive design strategy, and reflect an approach that allows the enterprise to display important business information to users quickly and with established priorities. If the navigation menu or company message is not clear or if it does not load fast on a smart phone the business may lose clients, customer trust, credibility and revenue. Having a content first strategy will help the enterprise to establish and sustain trust by respecting the user’s time and attention.

When considering RWD and AWD, the enterprise must think about the Content First and Mobile first approaches. It is important to understand that the business may choose to use only Content First, meaning that they will give emphasis only to the particular content that will be displayed on the various devices. Alternatively, the business may choose to use Content First and Mobile First, meaning that they will select the content they want to display on the various devices and exactly how it is going to be displayed on those devices.

To better understand the Content First and Mobile First approach, let’s look at example. Let’s say that your business site includes a directory listing of employees. When viewed on a desktop computer the directory listing has an introductory paragraph, consisting of fifteen lines of content, and followed by a table with columns, including Employee Code, Employee Name, Employee Title, Employee Email, and Employee Telephone.

When the enterprise takes the content and mobile first approach, the directory page will present three lines of the introductory content, which will vary, depending on the device on which the user is displaying the content (in other words, Content First). In addition, this display might employ the Mobile First approach by dropping the table configuration to show the user only the employee name. If the user clicks on that name, they will then see the detail of title, email and phone number, or perhaps they may only see the email address or phone number.

This example illustrates the variations in the display and views for one type of content and/or listing. In every instance, the content first and mobile first approaches must consider the priority and importance of the information being displayed, and the design team must make cogent decisions regarding the amount and type of content the user will see when they launch the application, page or site.

Once the enterprise and its IT team and consultants understand the benefits of the content first and mobile first techniques and the value of responsive web design and adaptive web design, the web and solution design teams can develop a detailed list of requirements. The team can then develop a solution to meet the end user and enterprise requirements and to ensure that prospective customers and mobile users can access a suitable version of the application or site via smart phones, tablets, or desktops.

Pinki Patel – A Technology Specialist for web technologies, expert in UX design & improvement, hands on with project management, design, delivery and maintenance of web projects with more than 8 years of experience in the industry.

Name Brand Computers and Laptops for Less

In the world we live in, we are downright spoiled with the choices we are provided. In the technology world it’s no different. From desktop computers to laptops to iPads we have so many options when it comes to computing. The user favorite appears to be a device which is mobile, lightweight and sleek (something that just looks cool)!

We are so accustomed to being given choices we wouldn’t have it any other way. When it comes to laptops and I-Pads some of the more popular choices on the market are high-quality name brand items such as Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba. Getting any one of these products is fairly easy enough either through their brick and mortar store or online.

It may take some searching but there are some lesser known websites with the same high quality products with less overhead that will sell the same or similar products cheaper! Products are sold brand new, new, refurbished or used. This gives the buyer many options to choose from when making a buying decision. It may not be necessary to purchase a particular product brand new. Saving money is everyone’s best friend… never met anyone who didn’t want to save a buck!

Tip# 1: When I shop whether it’s for food, clothing or items online for my family, I’m not necessarily brand loyal. I almost always go for the comparable item which is lower priced. How about you? Always read labels and take a quick look at online reviews at products; this can be done on your smartphone when you’re at the store prior to your purchase.

Tip# 2: In addition to shopping smart and finding the best price for the same product, I am always looking for an online company who offers Free Shipping on each of their products with no minimum purchase. You cannot always get all these advantages from one company. You just need to search for one that meets your needs.

Tip# 3: Coupons, coupons, coupons! Consumers think of coupons primarily when they shop at the supermarket. The fact is, most manufacturers (Apparel, Home and Garden, Electronics, Automotive, etc.) will send you coupons for their products by mail or have them posted on their website. Seek and ye shall find!

Tip# 4: Social media. Use the power of the internet to ask for opinions on a product, business establishment or proprietor. This will either confirm your first impression or have you running quickly in the opposite direction. Good luck!

Creating Web and Mobile Platforms to Market Homes for Sale

Moving from one state to another can be an intimidating experience, especially when trying to determine a place to live. Many people rely on Internet listings to see homes for sale in their desired city, learn about the local school system for their children, and educate themselves about the unique cultures of their future hometown so the large transition will go as smoothly as possible. An easily navigable and user-friendly website or mobile phone app creates the ability for real estate agents to connect with potential home purchasers anywhere in the world and allows for instant communication to speed up and lessen the stress on the purchasing and moving experience for both parties.

Search Function

A search function will be the most utilized part of any realtor’s website or app. The search function should allow buyers to search for homes for sale within certain criteria, the most popular being price point. Being able to search by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms will also be a useful function so the buyer will be able to see what homes will accommodate their family’s needs. The ability to filter in various neighborhoods is also helpful so the client can see the local public school facilities, public access areas (parks, pools, etc.), and commute to and from work if applicable.

High-Quality Photos

High-quality photographs of the homes for sale are essential on any Internet real estate sales platform. If a professional photographer is outside of the budget, many photographic arts students at universities are willing to work at a much cheaper cost. Often, students are looking to build their resume and will jump at the opportunity to have published, credited professional experience before graduation. Newer models of smartphones come with high-quality cameras and filters, and there are many free and/or low-cost apps that could help if do-it-yourself is the chosen option. At the minimum, six photos of every property should be included and should consist of the following: master bedroom, kitchen, bathroom(s), front entrance, any outdoor property (if applicable; if not, then an outdoor view from the property), and any social and/or entertaining space. Additional photos, especially for the out-of-state home purchaser, help create a solid picture of the property’s potential in the consumer’s mind before spending time and money traveling to confirm in person.

Web Developer

To help put together an awesome Internet resource to market homes for sale, a web developer can be an invaluable tool. Search engine research can bring up a list of companies that help connect freelance workers with customers. Speaking with the computer science department or professors at local colleges can lead to finding students who know the latest trends and breakthroughs in web development and management, if that is the route the agent wants to take. A professionally trained person will be able to help create a clean, efficient method that buyers can use to see homes for sale and find their dream residence.

How to Choose Aberdeen Laptop Repair Services

Do you have troubles with your Laptop? If you do, you must get laptop repair Aberdeen. Having a broken laptop is very annoying. Because of it, you cannot finish your job or school assignment in time. That’s why it is important for you to get it repaired as soon as possible. When you are looking for a laptop repair service, you must choose the best laptop repair company that offers you with the most satisfying repair service.

There are many laptop repair services in Aberdeen but not all of them offer you with high quality repair service. You must make sure that it is professional and experienced in repairing laptop. You must also make sure that it is a trusted company that can perform any types of repair in reasonable time and competitive price. Another thing that you must consider is some benefits you’ll get from the service company. Free estimation, no charge for home visit, free delivery, and discounts are some offers you must consider.

One of the best laptop repair service companies in Aberdeen is Banchory PC Support. It is a professional and trusted company. Many people have hired this company to get their laptops repaired. They said that they are happy with the service. The technicians of this company are capable of fixing various laptop problems. All you need to do is tell them what is wrong with your laptop and they will find the best solution for you. Some of the laptop repairs that they can perform are virus removal, screen replacement, hardware replacement, operating system installation, data recovery, and others. If your laptop or PC is running slow, you can call this company to get it repaired. This company charges you competitive rates for every repair service it performs. Therefore, you do not need to worry about budget.

This company also offers you with some benefits. If your laptop is broken, call this company and they will pick your laptop for free. It will also deliver it to your home without any fees. All you need to pay are the labor and or the spare parts. This laptop repair company will fix your laptop problems efficiently and effectively. For mild problems, it will deliver your laptop within a couple of days. Meanwhile, for severe problems, this company will deliver your laptop within a week or so. Once your laptop delivered, you will see that it has been excellently repaired and will give you high performance as if it is a new laptop.

New Smartphone at Low Cost

It can’t be denied that we need to have a highly reliable mobile gadget. In this era of mobile technology, we can keep connected with people from work or even our family even when we are far away from them. An advanced smartphone is more than just a communication device, it is more like multifunctional device useful to do many things while you are on the go. Off course you want the latest model of smartphone with excellent performance but don’t forget that it comes with expensive price, one thing that you may not easy to afford especially in the middle of this economic condition.

Getting an older smartphone model is a good alternative. It may cost a lot lower that the latest model. But it may be difficult to find a new stock of older smartphone model. You are most likely to find refurbished smartphone stocks. Well, it is highly understandable that you are hesitating with refurbished smartphone and you must be concerning about its quality. It is normal and actually you must have that kind of hesitation but when you need a powerful smartphone and low price, it is highly recommended to consider certified refurbished iPhone 5. It is widely known that iPhone 5 is considered among the most popular iPhone models ever. It is known for its advanced features and performance and even today when the latest iPhone 6S has been released, iPhone 5 is still far away from being out dated. Refurbished iPhone 5 costs almost a third of the latest iPhone model and even compared to Android smartphone models, it is still way more affordable. Refurbished iPhone 5 is also offered on unlocked version so you don’t need to deal with the cellular contract and others.

Off course you can’t choose any refurbished iPhone 5 to buy. It is highly important to choose only the certified ones. Choosing certified refurbished iPhone 5 means you will get a device that has been refurbished to meet the factory standards using only genuine parts. It has high quality and off course, will last for years. The device has all features like factory standard model and comes with the latest iOS. Be sure that you can find a respected seller of certified refurbished smartphone eager to provide warranty for the products they sell. You will no longer need to worry about your limited budget. The option is there to choose and it is all yours to make the right decision.

High Traffic of your Site for the Better Success of Business

Hiring an SEO expert for your need on dealing with the business or even commercial thing is such the idea which might come to your mind. Of course, you often feel that frustrated because of dealing with your site. For your business, in order to earn a lot of great profit, you need to cover the entire aspects and can go public to all over the world on introducing your products or business. Sure, internet will be the best solution for you to try on dealing with that. Sure, anyone who establishes and run a business needs to be really creative and smart on finding solution, especially on dealing with the marketing and promotion. That is a good idea for dealing with the solution by dealing with the online media to make everything much simpler. You only need to be that creative and smart to make it really useful. Having a website nowadays sounds really important for any kinds of business. That can be the media of publication to give people and customers getting the information about your business and products in such the simple way. Website also can play a great role on marketing since it also can be the media for online transaction. That is such a great simplicity which we can obtain then. In addition, having a website will also give the simplicity on dealing with the promotion since we can promote our business or products easily through online by using our website and even using the social networking.

However, the success is not only about having a website but it is more about having a website which is well maintained and also in such a functional one. Of course, the website which has the high traffic will be anything you want. You need to be completely sure that your website is easy to be found and caught by anyone online. That also has to be easily found by the people all over the world. You can maximize the role of the search engine for dealing with that so that you will also increase the traffic of your website as well. If you have a website which is used for your business but it is hard to find and the traffic of your website is low, it will be that useless. That is a good idea to know the strategy on dealing with that, which is by dealing with the SEO. Actually, if you are too busy on dealing with that, you only need just visiting the expert or the SEO consultant to help you dealing with that.

An SEO consultant or SEO expert will be really helpful for you but for sure, it is better for going to the right one who is really experienced on dealing with the SEO. That will also be useful on dealing with the website reputation, visibility, and also the backlink. The quality expert of SEO will offer the complete services which are ready to be handled and of course they have the effective solution on dealing with any website problem to deal with the better SEO for the better traffic. As the idea, you can have a look to the site of

You Should Still Hire A Web Manager For WordPress Sites

WordPress is currently the greatest content management system (referred to as CMS) whether you know coding or not. WordPress is for everyone, including small businesses, personal bloggers, charities, and whatever else you may want a website for. It’s affordable and very easy to use. For example, if the idea of coding in new features is overwhelming to you, forget about it! Many features on a WordPress website are simply downloaded and activated plugins. It’s basically plug ‘n’ play software, the only catch is that you need to pay attention to how each plugin works with your website.

But before you add plugins, you need to start with the theme of your site. This is what makes the site, the plugins, all sit in place and have a fairly uniformed look to it. Some cost money and are usually pretty affordable, but some themes are completely free to use as well. Some are single page websites, and some are preset for ecommerce pages. Every theme you look through should offer a summary of features, screenshots of how it looks behind the scenes, a live demo you can try before you select the theme, as well as some more details. Remember, the appearance of the demo is usually very customizable after you choose to use the theme. It’s just giving you the option to feel what your site will operate like and see the potential of what you can do with it.

Sound simple enough? So if you can do it yourself, why should you hire a web manager or website management team?


If you own a business or charity, for example, you may find you wind up having less and less time to dedicate to your website. Even personal blogs are difficult to keep up with when you’ve got a full time job elsewhere as well as a part time job and more work on top of that. Sometimes you feel like you need a day off from your ‘day off’!
Having a web manager can really help. They can update and maintain your website as well as write articles for your blogs. It may feel like it defeats the purpose if it’s a personal blog, and in some cases, I’m inclined to agree. But you choose the topic(s) which you want written about and it will be done. It’ll also be posted to all of your social media pages for you. Want it to publish at specific times and days of the week? No problem. Meanwhile, all of that’s being prepared and you’re able to keep up with your life.
The difference between you and a web manager? A web manager’s job is to focus time online while yours likely is not.

Coding And Maintenance

I know, I said you don’t really need to code earlier. You don’t! But it would help in certain areas. For example, if you know css, you can often customize your website a little more than the standard options set up. Furthermore, knowing your coding could help in your website maintenance.
That’s where a web manager or website management team come in. Their job is to know coding. They need to be able to also backtrack plugin installation to be able to troubleshoot any problems caused by conflicting plugins. They’ll set up your website for you, from theme choice to plugins, as well as setting everything’s placement on your page. They’ll also be able to design your page for you.


Even the best of us run into issues we can’t figure out alone. Being able to quickly connect with your website management team is a great benefit. All it takes is an update of  your WordPress bundle and it could cause a problem. A web manager should be able to restore things to the last backed up version.


Mobile Internet Business Is the Future

Since the inception of the internet things haven’t changed drastically as they are going to change now. This global revolution is being brought by the mobile websites and applications.

For the last ten years internet has spread across each and every corner of the world. The fast developing nations like China and India have contributed more than a billion users to the global community of internet. Even the African nations have kept themselves ahead in joining this community. The developed nations have faced recurrent recessions during this phase but still the internet penetration is increasing there too.

But, the major drawback that the internet users faced few years back was that of internet accessibility and price. The prices no doubt have dropped many folds but not many people were able to afford computers to use internet. The other major drawback was that of the accessibility. You cannot carry computers everywhere you go. Laptops were a substitute but they were out of reach of the economically middle class of the third world nations and the fast developing economies.

Both these barriers were removed at one with the popularity of smart phones. Smart phones were costlier earlier. But, with mass production in China and new and better technologies and options coming each day the cost of smart phones have gone down drastically and it has reached the hands of billions. The internet connectivity on a mobile phone is cheaper as compared to a fixed line broad band internet. So people got the option of cheap internet and cheap device and that made the big change. The internet world has changed so much that many internet users are now mobile only. This means that they do not access the internet from computers or laptops but only through their mobiles.

The social media boom, especially Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and YouTube, has added to this revolution. The search engine optimization companies are now focusing more and more on the mobile searches to keep ahead in the race and to give better options for the mobile user to search local businesses easily.

In a recently held research it was found that more searches on mobile were converted to business as compared to searches on the computer. The advertisers across the globe are putting in more money on advertisement for mobiles as compared to normal internet connection.

It is now inevitable for businesses to have their own separate mobile website or apps. This helps them to get noticed better and with better response from the mobile users. Thus, this also increases their possibility of converting their advertisements or searches to sales.

So it is high time for all of you out there with a business to get your own mobile website or apps and be well prepared for the revolution. Or be prepared to be one of the businesses without these which are thrown out of race during this revolution.

The Perks of 4G and Mobile Video Chatting

Having the internet readily available at your fingertips with your smart phone has made the lives of many iPhone and Droid owners much more convenient. With just the 3G network, people are able to surf the web, check their emails, and interact with their social networks. However, with the improvements in mobile internet technology, the resulting 4G network grants these smart phone users with the ability to do much more. One of the most exciting capabilities is the ability to video chat from your smart phone no matter where you may be, opening up avenues for personal and work-related communications that will make the lives of everyday people much more convenient.

The 3G network provided only mobile internet service to smart phone users and thus, the data transfer speeds at which operates is much slower than the internet connection that you are used to at home and at the office. However, the improvements in mobile internet have resulted in the 4G network, which operates at a speed comparable to DSL and cable. This is partially because this technology is geared to both smart phone and laptop computer users so that you can more extensively rely on the internet even when more mobile. By having a mobile internet access on your computer by simply having a mobile air card, you can be productive and finish up work even while on the go. Having a high speed mobile internet connection comes with many perks and privileges; however, one of the most beneficial is the ability to video chat directly from your smart phone.

For busy individuals, having the ability to video chat from your phone during the spare moments throughout the day enables you to actually stay in touch with your loved ones through this medium. Otherwise, setting up a time to sit down in front of the computer seems unlikely. For busy college students away from college, the hour break between classes is an ideal time to video chat with parents and friends from home using this technology. For busy professionals that often stay late at the office, using a fifteen minute break to say goodnight to their children and spouses ensures that you can still demonstrate the love despite your absence due to work. It is simply a great technology that allows you to communicate with your family and friends face-to-face when possible, rather than merely through a phone call.

This is also a great technology for work-related purposes. Businessmen can utilize video chatting capabilities to remain in contact with their colleagues, workers, and potential business partners. It ensures that they are also readily available even when they are away from the desk at home or at the office. Moreover, it is ideal technology for particular industries, such as the construction and architecture industry where video chatting is vital for better communication that includes visuals. However, it is impossible to set up a video chatting mechanism on the construction site-until now, with the advent of the 4G wireless internet technology that has allowed smart phones and laptop computers to be wired with an internet connection fast enough to allow for video chatting.